The Bottom Line

Back in February, a few days prior to my birthday, I came upon a cemetery while I was running around in the neighborhood. This particular site stopped me in my tracks, because it was February 2nd that day.

Do you ever feel like you're running out of time in life? I do. That idea somehow creeped into my mind when my dad passed away two years ago and hasn't left me alone since. Maybe that's why I found myself here in Portland. I needed some distance from all that was familiar. Create enough room to dance all I can with that idea. 

The month of March in Portland has been a feast for the eyes — cherry blossoms, magnolias, fresh green buds on the branches of trees that I cannot name. I feel as though I spent the entire month looking up at the prettiness — the flowers arching over me as if to remind me that there is more life and hope in the world than I am willing to acknowledge.

This picture was taken a few weeks after the day I found the monument. I was intrigued that someone left fresh flowers for a person who passed away more than a century ago.

Anyway. Just some random ramblings. I gotta get back to work now.


A Lot Going On

I'm excited to report that I will be selling at Portland Saturday Market! Please stop by and say hi. I may not be able to get a spot every weekend, but I will definitely try to set up as consistently as possible, unless I have to take my shop to an out-of-city art fair. I'll create a little news update box for it pretty soon.

A lot to do between now and my first day at the market, as PSM requires the vendors to sell 100% handmade items. I actually had to submit my products and paintings for a review by a panel of jury before getting accepted. I love it that they take originality seriously, but it also means I cannot sell some of the popular items from my etsy shop and that I have to generate a bigger inventory. As I have been saying for sometime, I want to be prolific, so this is a welcomed challenge. I'm hoping that my jewelry design, graphic design and art will eventually converge into one cohesive business, but right now things are a bit disjointed.

A good friend of mine came to visit me in Portland for the past couple days. She helped me evaluate my situation more clearly in ways only caring friends can. Even though over all I am excited for the things to come, I can't help but feeling l like I'm in a do-or-die situation sometimes. It really tests faith in myself. Come on Joy, do you have it or not?

A Bull and the Sun • Silkscreen Print

A Bull and the Sun • Silkscreen Print


I think I have another series in mind. For a while there, I had different images of whales kept coming into my mind. Went to a several library branches looking for books on whales to investigate. Without getting into it too much, here's a silk screen print that I put together as a study this week. Message me if you're interested in purchasing an edition. 

Whale Stduy 1 – Carrying the Night

Whale Stduy 1 – Carrying the Night